Linto's service offering

Precision Waterjet - Cutting in the right measure directly

Eliminate expensive machining Precision Water Cutting machine from OMAX inc. USA.
The machine performs dynamic waterjet, ie. cutting head is controlled in five axes, which means that it compensates the angular error as traditional waterjet having problems at the cut. Our intention from the beginning was and is to use the process in our tooling to reduce the proportion of expensive machining. Gradually, we have now diversified its activities and renders service to other companies in many industries. We are happy to help with design and construction.

Fixtures / Aids

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of fixtures for both manual and automated production.


We have a large capacity and long experience in EDM.

Prototypes - Product Development

We often follow the product from the development stage of design, prototyping and tooling development.

Component Manufacturing

Perform the manufacture of machine tools and components.


Tool & Machine Maintenance

We perform underåll and repair of tools, machinery and production equipment.

Multi-Operation Processing - 3D milling

Wide range of machining centers. 
Our strength is the 3D preparation and processing up to 5 axes.


Good capacity in surface grinding.

Tool Design / Production

Long experience in tool design with our own design department.

Linto's own products


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